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Methods of Research

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The Importance of Research

- it is a valuable tool to produce needed changes. - it is a pathway to progress and development. - used to address problems that need to be solved. - used to look into situations that require improvements. - used to review policies that must be revised. - programs actions that demand modifications to be truly responsive to complex human existence.

The Meaning of Research Research is a multi-faceted human endeavor: 1) To a lot of people , it is a difficult and demanding task. 2) To beginners, it is a complicated process. 3) To students, it is something that must be done to complete a course requirement. 4) To those who value knowledge and the truth, it is a very fulfilling and exciting challenge.

What is Research? According to: 1) Aguinaldo (2002) and Calderon (1993) – research is a "a purposive, systematic, and scientific process of gathering, classifying, organizing, presenting, analyzing and interpreting data for the solution of a problem, for prediction, for invention, for the discovery of truth or for the expansion or verification of existing knowledge, all for the preservation of the quality of life." 2) Sevilla (1998) – defines research as "searching for theory, for testing theory or for solving problem."

3) Andres (1998) – defines research as a "careful, critical inquiry or examinationin seeking facts or principles; a diligent investigation to ascertain something. It is unbiased investigation of a problem."

Characteristics of Research: 1) It is systematic –The procedure to be followed must be orderly, disciplined and organized. 2) It is controlled – Observation must be controlled and not haphazardly done.

3) It is empirical – Based on the gathered factual data which can be tested. 4)...

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