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Kim Woseley
History 201.001
February 05th, 2013
Professor Richard E. Green

Exploring and analyzing the theories of Man’s origin from scientific, theological and intellectual points of view.

Man’s origin has always been a topic of great discussions and equal controversies. Although, the goal of these theories is to explain and prove where man came from and how he came to be, we have found that the basis of each theory is completely different from the next. The basis of the scientific theory is science and the discovery of fossils, and on the other hand, the basis of theology is creation and existence of God. Shown on the cover of the News week magazine is photo of an African man Adam and woman Eve in what appears to be the Garden of Eden. The cover of this magazine not only conforms to the ideology that the first man was African and thus, all other races came from the black man, but it also suggests that Eden was in fact located somewhere in Africa, man’s original place of birth. As we continue to examine the articles presented several Articles really struck a chord with me. “The Earth from Birth”, “Skulls in Ethiopia Is Linked To Earliest Man”, and “Fossils May Be Earliest Human Link”. In the Article” The Earth from Birth”, it describes the development of the earth into five lengths of time, the Archeozoic era, Ptoterzoic era, the Paleozoic era, the Mesozoic era and the Cenozoic era. Each of these eras played an important role with how the earth became populated with Microorganisms to large animals and reptiles. After reading this article a few questions came to mind, the first question is where did these organism come from? Did they always existed, and if they did, then if they were created who did was it God? Or were they a result of the so called “Big Bang theory? The next question is how were they able to sustain life? Where did they get their food source? In the other articles”Fossils May Be Earliest Human Link” and “Ethiopia Is Link to Earliest Man” the discovery of fossils and bones played an important role in proving the theory that man had originated from Africa some 5.8 million years ago and that maybe some kind of evolution took place so that man could have adapted to his environment to sustain his survival.
The bible as we know it plays an important role in most human beings lives, it is the blue print we use to guide us in our decision making and the book we use as a port of reference to link modern times to our history. The bible’s account of earth’s birth and man’s origin takes place in the book of Genesis. In Genesis, the writer gives a detail description of the works God preformed to bring this earth as we know it into life. Just like the in the article “The Earth from Birth” Genesis explains the different acts of creation God performed from the first day to the sixth day. Day one” In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” when basically suggest that before God there was nothing, there was no life form of any kind, but there was God he/it always existed even if we did not. Then the author went on to explain the various tasks performed as the days went by. The day was separated into day and night, the land was separated by water, there was the creation of plants and animal big and small and the earth was made full. Then there was the creation of Man, God wanted to create man in his own image and likeness, a mirror image if you will of himself. Was God a black man? It does not appear that man evolved from the primate order as some books suggested. I believe that man was walking upright and communicating. After all, if Eve was to pick from the tree of life she would have to reach such tree to pick of the fruit.
While studying the origin of man, many points were brought up by Professor Green. The location of Eden in Africa, which give credit to the “Out of Africa” theory which suggest that man originated in Africa and then migrated to different parts of the world be it to find food or better living conditions and thus, because of environmental and climatic changes man also changed to accommodate his surroundings which gave rise to the different races. $Then there was the comparison between of Genesis’s account of creation and the article ‘The Earth from Birth” description of the different eras and the events when took place. After looking at a side by side view comparison it could be inferred that both theological and scientific evidence came up with the same conclusion about the events taking place at that period of time. The other interesting information relating to humans was the gestational period for the sake of procreation and birth. According to Professor Green the gestational period was 18 months for a baby to be born, this was due in part to the fact humans walk on all four limbs, thus causing fetus to remain in the cervix for a longer period of time.
Upon investigating the information I was given, I would have to conclude that even though I may not agree with all the information presented, I do believe that with a combination with creation and evolution man was able to become man and we are know today. And I also believe that we are still evolving as human beings, it may not be a drastic physical change, but we are indeed evolving intellectually.

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