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MGT2 - IT Project Management
Course of Study
This course supports the assessments for MGT2. The course covers 8 competencies and represents 3 competency units.
Project management is a systematic approach to solving a problem, taking advantage of an opportunity, improving a process, or otherwise creating something. A project goes through several phases, with a distinct beginning and end. A successful project includes effectively carrying out tasks related to initiating, planning, executing, monitoring/controlling, and closing.
Unsuccessful projects often skip some of these steps, perhaps not fully planning everything that needs to be done or forgetting to monitor the team to ensure they are sticking to the plan. An effective project manager foresees problems, makes appropriate trade-offs that ensure successful project completion, and, above all, facilitates communication among all project stakeholders, who are likely each looking for something different from the project.
This course provides an overview of the Project Management Institute’s project management methodology. As you learn about the various process groups and knowledge areas, you will apply your knowledge in case studies for planning a project that has not started yet and monitoring/controlling a project that is already underway. You will solve problems, gather information, and make decisions using your expert judgment. The techniques you practice in this course will be beneficial for you whether you manage a project in the future, participate on a project team, or are a stakeholder expecting certain benefits and results from a project.
Watch the following introduction video for this course:
This course provides guidance to help you demonstrate the following assessments as you work through the course of study.8 competencies:
Competency 320.1.1:…...

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