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Mgb223 Business Concept

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MGB223 Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Assignment1: Business Concept
E.B. (Electronic cigarette Bluetooth)

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1.0 The Business Concept: the problem and solution 2.1 Background
There are over one billion smokers who often faced with burden of health and cost (OrganizationWorld, 1997). This is caused as smoke of cigarette damages several organ systems not only smokers but also second hand smokers (Boyel et al., 2004). Therefore, many numbers of smokers try to quit on their own, while smoking is one of a difficult addictions to break (Hughes et al., 2004). While some of smokers quit other try to find a chance to quit or reducing the risk of smoking through the electric cigarette which is battery powered electronic nicotine delivery device (ENDD) (Zezima, 2009). However, the problem of using electronic cigarette is still the gesture of smoking. With this reason, some of electronic cigarette users even more increase amount of smoking. 2.2 Challenge
The challenge of this area is that identifying smoking habits while smokers use the electronic cigarette through specific devise to recognize problems of them. If smokers received the reports of their bad habits while smoking the cigarette, they might control their amount or habits of smoking. One of the major problems is that smoking has become a habit, means smokers smoke cigarette not even their brain do not need nicotine. The other is regulation of law. Australia does not allow producing and supplying pure nicotine liquid. 2.3 Resolution
While there are many different types of electronic cigarette, it is very useful when smokers can control the amount of smoking themselves. However, for some people who...

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