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FAQ about assignment 01 for MGG2601 2015 1. In answering bullet number one do we describe all the stages based on the information of the couples we have interviewed or do we answer using the theory on the study guide?
Before you can tackle an essay you have to provide a theoretical background. This is what this first part of the assignment is all about. You will briefly refer to the FLC and state which therapists developed it, explain the 6 stages and some of the relevant aspects of this model. The first part of the assignment has nothing to do with the couple you interview. It offers explanations and definitions only. It sets the scene for applying theory to the couple you interviewed.

2. How many words/ pages does this assignment need to be? Would you prefer us to write till we have covered all the topics and made our conclusion?

The actual essay will be between 10 to 20 written pages and 8 to 12 typed pages. The questionnaire is one of the addendums and will not be included in this length. 3. Do we need to add the questions we asked the couple and their answers in our submission? Or do we use their answers as a general guideline to add to our understanding of the life-cycle theory.
You have to know the theory well enough to be able to extract parts of the interview that confer or contradict the theory and demonstrate that you actually used the answers of the couple in your discussion of each section.
It is best to use a formula such as this…..give a review of theory- provide definitions, an explanation in your own words, then apply the practical quotes or information gathered from the couple. This will demonstrate your ability to apply practice to theory ( integration). So you use their answers as a general guideline to demonstrate your understanding of theory. 4. Can you recommend a few good sources or some reading material that could help me with my assignment?
Firstly the FLC is a very well- known and written about model so I will suggest that you use Google Scholar to help you identify articles that focus more or less on the version we have written about in the guide. We choose not to be specific so that people find their own resources. The purpose of making you refer to other sources is to increase your understanding and augment the limited material in the study guide to make the course more interesting. 5. In tutorial 101, assignment 1 on page 14 under paragraph vi. it says, "Consolidate the information needed for the questions and set your answers out under the sub headings listed in 8.2.5(a). Do you know what this refers to? I can't find any paragraph 8.2.5(a) in tutorial 101.

Please accept my sincere apologies. This was an editorial problem. Please note that when the Tut letter went to the editorial department they changed the numbering and that has caused the confusion. is the actual assignment with all the subheadings for the different sections of the assignment is the “how to do the assignment” in sequential steps.... a breakdown of where to start and what to do to ensure that you collect all the information that you need to write your essay. 6. With regards to "explanatory introduction to the family life cycle" do you expect me to summarise the 5 stages of the life cycle in my own words?


Yes, but make sure that you refer to additional theory. Reference all sources consulted both in your bibliography and within the body of your report. You are discouraged from using just the study guide because then you will not be awarded more than 69% for your assignment. See the assessment criteria.

7. Must we attach a written copy of our actual interview of the couple, together with the answers they gave us, or do you just want the outline of the questions?


We just need the questionnaire or interview schedule. It will reveal if you understood the FLC well enough to describe the terms into layman’s language.

8. How do I include the couple I interviewed in my bibliography? How do I integrate their responses in my answers to the questions? Do I just write a subheading then write what I spoke to them about that subtitle then write search for any reference in regards to that sub heading?


When it comes to including the couple in your bibliography one says

Couple interview with Bill and Betty Smith held on 21 March 2015 at Plessislaer. Please note that the names given are fictitious to protect their identities.

Firstly, you do a section on the whole FLC and that is only theory. Then you spend time giving us information about the couple. This is usually general. When it gets to the questions you are asked about the couple and their life stage you firstly define what the theory says about the life stage and then you explain it in your own words and then you tell us what the couple said about the life stage. You cannot use their names so you will give them a pseudonym- an imaginary name such as Bill and Betty. You will say according to Bill, ".......". Or you may say that the couple agreed that the stage affected them in the following ways.

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