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Change in management is sometimes necessary in some organizations. It could be based on an organization not performing up to standards or moving mangers around to provide a fresh look on a company and come up with different ideas that can benefit that particular location. When changing over, a bad plan of action can negatively affect an organization.
Due to the difficulties that arise when there is a change in management, there needs to be a effective way for managers to adapt to their new work place. Success starts from the top and trickles down. Employees look to their managers to guide them in the right direction.
According to “10 principles of change management” :
Because change is inherently unsettling for people at all levels of an organization, when it is on the horizon, all eyes will turn to the CEO and the leadership team for strength, support, and direction. The leaders themselves must embrace the new approaches first, both to challenge and to motivate the rest of the institution.
The managers must be the first ones to level with the employees and understand them. It is not the staffs job to change their work ways to satisfy the new management team. Some managers walk in to new businesses demanding respect and placing new rules in place

Identify problem
The problem in this situation is the reaction the new managers and employees have to one another. When a new team of managers come into a building of employees a lot of problems arise. Even when it is only two managers who are from two different buildings transferring into another one it creates differences. The managers themselves may not see eye to eye on certain situations which creates a lot of frustration and confusion for the employees. This new team may have different ideas they want to implement right away and it can be hard for the...

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