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Conflict Scenario: Resolving the Conflict
University of Phoenix
MGT/521 – Management Test123 Conflict Scenario: Resolving the Conflict
First, in research to Conflict Scenario Singleton (2011) discusses the nature of conflicts in his article Workplace conflict: A strategic leadership imperative. According to Singleton:
Conflict is a natural consequence of daily interactions. Workplace conflicts may rise because of: (1) lack of open or adequate communication between employees; (2) power struggles between departments; (3) the incompatibility of personal goals, social values, or personality characteristics; (4) role behavior required by employees’ jobs that conflict with their personal values; (5) leadership styles. (p.149)

Further research into the nature of conflict scenarios finds that Myers (2005) asserts that “conflicts can be relational, process oriented and task oriented” (p. 306). As a manager of the Just Right Tire Company, the best course of action should be to have a face-to-face conservation with Jan, Sally, and Marc. This will help management in understanding their conflicts. The positives and negatives of their positions should also be considered to make an informed decision. Management should then explain to Jan, Sally, and Marc how these situations will cause negative impact on the project and on the organization. They should be reminded about the success they brought to the company in the past. It is best to explain how the current situation will break the relationship among team members and affect the team spirit. Managers should always develop trust among the team members. Therefore, the best course of action will be to try and develop trust among Jan, Sally, and Marc. Because the timelines to deliver the project are very close, it is also important to suggest that Jan, Sally, and Marc need to understand each other’s concern and compromise on certain options. Management should suggest Jan, Sally, and Marc work together and deliver the product without any negative relationships.
“The five styles, as first conceived by Blake and Mouton (1964), and later expounded upon by a number of researchers (Rahim, 1983; Sorenson, Morse, & Savage, 1999; Thomas & Kilmann, 1974), include; competing (domination), collaborating (integration), sharing (compromise), avoiding (neglect), and accommodating (appeasement).” (Callanan & Perri, 2006, p. 132). We, as a team, came to an agreement that compromise would be the best to handle the situation between Jan, Sally, and Marc. One main reason as in the scenario, it showed teamwork when Jan, Sally, and Marc worked together and provided the Just Right Tire Company with great advertisement in the past. Also, the current project needed Jan, Sally, and Marc’s innovation to complete the task as a team and not individually, because Jan, Sally, and Marc would not made the deadline for the company if each one did the advertisement individually. Jan, Sally, and Marc’s uncompromised attitude towards the project would affect the company morale and would make an unpleasant atmosphere in the workplace.

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