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Mgmt 591 Project Final

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Final Project

Peter S. McCarthy

MGMT 591 – Organizational Behavior

Dr. Anthony Campos

October 15, 2013

Organization Overview
The organization that I have chosen for my final project is is an online retailer is an envelope and printing business that prides itself on having the largest selection of in-stock items in a large variety of colors, sizes, and styles. The combination of a large selection, the ability to quickly print and ship, and superior customer service, puts at the forefront of internet retailers. While the main focus is on envelopes and custom print jobs, also carries a variety of colors, sizes and styles of paper, cardstock, and mailing supplies. The company is about forty two years old and has had their fair share of ups and downs. I am currently the acting operations manager within this organization. The company is valued at about $20 million, is located in Amityville, NY, and has been growing at about 10% per year in the last three years.

As the current operational manager I have noticed some items that need to be addressed on their way to becoming a high performance organization. While this organization is doing well financially, there are definitely some areas that need to be improved on their way to becoming a high performance organization. Some of the issues I have noticed in the last few months as the operations manager are as follows. While I am aware that each team within the organization has the goals set forth to them by their management, it seems that some teams are putting undue stress on other teams to reach their goals. With the holidays coming up, and the normal 300% spike in customer orders is expected it looks like the sales team is selling more custom print jobs than the print room can accommodate. And of course each sales representative…...

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