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Survey – Car Maintenance
Please take the following survey and answer honestly. (Some answers are obvious) 1. What is the year, make, and model of your car?

2. What rank would you give yourself about car maintenance? 5 = grease monkey, 1= I only know how to drive a car.

3. When was the last time you got service on your car? What was the service?

4. How much did you pay for the service?

5. Where did you go to receive the service?

6. Why did you go to this place? Ex. Friend/family recommendation, found it online, I always go there.

7. Do you usually get help from others when you have a question about your car? If so, who?

8. Are you afraid of getting over charged for your car services?

9. What would make your car service experience better?

10. Would you prefer to see a list of prices for your particular service around your residence? (Cheapest prices near you). If no, please explain.

11. Have you ever used an app for car service? If so, which one?

12. Would you pay for an iPhone/android app that lists all the prices for a needed service near your area?

13. Would you pay for an app that recommends services specific to your car based on year, make, and model?

14. What would you be willing to pay for this app?

15. What additional feature(s) would you want as part of this app?

16. Please add any additional comments if necessary.

Thanks for your participation and feedback.

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