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Management 200
Study Guide-After Midterm
Spring 2014
Extensive List of Concepts: starting Week 7 of the quarter
-Civil Law and Litigation
What types of evidence is there?
What are the rules of evidence?
What are the requirements for evidence to be admissible in court? Explain how evidence can be excluded (exclusionary rules)
What are the types of privileged evidence?
What is a tort? Name the different types of torts
What happened in the McDonalds story discussed in class?
Explain Intentional Torts: Battery, Assault, Mental Distress
Explain what elements are required for a tort to be negligent
What is professional negligence? What are defenses to negligence?
Compare and contrast Contributory Negligence and Comparative Negligence
What is strict liability? What is products liability?
What is a contract?
What are the types of contracts? Details about executory, enforceable, void, express, implied, and voidable What are requirements of contracts? What happens when a contract is breached? -Real Property What things are considered real property? What is an interest in real estate? Details about fee simple absolute, leasehold, life estate, joint tenants, subsurface interests, above surface interests, easement, and restrictive covenants What is a deed? Details about Statutory Warranty and Quit Claim What is title insurance? What are the types of title insurance? Know the process for buying a house, with a lender, with a contract What is adverse possession? Right to survivorship? Statute of Frauds? Know the history of Landlord/Tenant Act. Duties, remedies, rights, and termination for each party -Forms of Business Operations What are the schools of social responsibility in business ethics? Profit, Managerial, Institutional, Profession Obligation, Regulation) Forms of Business Organizations (Sole…...

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