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Web Navigation Steps

First, familiarize yourself with O*NET by reviewing the information provided on the About O*NET page. Select the Content Model link, and review the conceptual model underlying this project. Return to Home (by clicking on the O*NET logo at the top of the page) and select the Visit O*NET OnLine link. Go to the My Next Move and enter an occupation you are familiar with (e.g., one you have held or hope to hold) in the keyword search box, or use the Industry search feature if you prefer.) Select the Search or Browse button. Select the occupation that best matches what you are looking for (or use other search terms until you find something that interests you) and review all of the data provided for that position.

After completion of these navigation steps, proceed to complete the assignment by discussing the learning questions below.

Learning Questions

How easy was it to find the specific occupation you were looking for, and how comprehensive was the information provided about that occupation? What did you think of the occupations O*NET suggested as matching your skills? Was the occupation you are in or preparing for among those listed? As an HR professional, how could O*NET be useful in conducting a job analysis? Explain specifically how you would use the data from this site to assist your organization. As a director of human resources, would you have your staff use this site? Why or why not?

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