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Mgt 201 Assignment 1

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Jason Hosler HO2464120
MGT201. Communication and Soft Skills
Assignment 1

My psychological type is Extraverted Sensing Thinking Judging
I have been in the United States Navy for 19 years, being that I am an ESTJ type fits how I manage over 260 Sailors daily. Everything that I do on a daily basis consists of organization that I must pass down to the leadership below me to make sure that at the beginning and the end of a work day these young men and woman produce solid work to launch and recover aircraft safely on decks of Aircraft Carriers.
Every decision that I make on a daily basis is passed down from either the upper chain of command or is an agenda that I have structured throughout my years of experience and have taught these men and woman working for and around me.
Every day on the job is a new experience and I must be ready to lead these young Sailors from my years of experience and knowledge without skipping a beat whether it is planned or something new or not even seen in my career. My dependability on the job and the way I handle everyday business is observed from my superiors and my subordinates, which means the way I display myself depicts my power in my profession and how I get these young Sailors to follow me with no hesitation.
Many of personnel that I have dealt with in my career have called me arrogant, cocky and stubborn. But in my mind it’s just the way of completing the job with confidence in myself and in my Sailors. Many of ALRE Maintenance Officers that have done the job in the past many years before me must have had the same attributes because that is what led me to do the job that I have today and made me a stronger leader. Weak leaders in my field are weeded out fast with little hesitation for lack of confidence from their upper Chain of Command.

I guess what I am trying to say is that at the end of the day if it needs to get done then...

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