Mgt 216 Week 5 Team Ethical Organization Paper

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MGT 216 Week 5 Team Ethical Organization Paper
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Ethical Organization Profile
Donut express is a food outlet which caters to all the members of the society. We will see how it deals with people from different backgrounds. It may include customers, employees and shareholders as well. Ineffectively dealing with customers or managing a team of individuals with different personalities and working styles can result in unnecessary challenges and lead to a company’s failure (Warner, 2007). It seems that donut express is a successful company and money is pouring in thus making profits for all the stakeholders. Regardless of that, the big question is about the quality and efficiency of their ethical standards and how they enforce it. Are their training programs and monitoring options enough to keep them away from any legal actions? The quality of training and the enforcement of standards are major factors in determining long-term profitability of a small business. (Elam, 2008)
Current Moral and Ethical Issues
Donut Express, like most companies, is trying to stay with the current wave of ethical behaviors and adapt the ever changing ethical trends.

MGT 216 Week 5 Team Ethical Organization Paper
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