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Mgt 230 Management Planning Paper

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Management Planning Paper
Eugene R. Vazquez
May 30th, 2013
Prof. Gabriel Medina, MBA

Management Planning Paper

Boeing Corporation as my example Table of contents

Introduction -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1

Evaluate Planning Function of Management------------------------------------------------------------2

Analyze Influence on Management Planning -----------------------------------------------------------3 Analyze Factors that Influence the Boeing Corporation Planning------------------------------------4



I will evaluate the planning function of management by using the Boeing Corporation as an example in my paper. I will analyze the influence that legal issues, ethics and corporate social responsibility has had on management planning at the Boeing Corporation. I will also analyze the factors that influence the strategic, tactical, operational and contingency planning at the Boeing Corporation.

The planning function is a process which begins with a situation analysis of external and internal forces affecting the corporation. This situation analysis identifies the problem and diagnose the solution which will bring alternative solutions for the corporation. The next step is to review all advantages and disadvantages against the plan for evaluation. Once the evaluation has been reviewed, the goal is selected by the corporation. The implementation is the next step which will be presented to all employees and other systems to ensure the support for the plan. Finally, the plan needs to be monitored and controlled to ensure success and achieve the goal of the...

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