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Mgt/230 Organizational Structure Discussion Summary

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Corporate Strategy Analysis Summary
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June 29, 2015
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Organizational Structure Summary Introduction
As a corporation, it is important that an organizational structure is put in place to achieve maximum efficiency. There are three main types of organizational structure: functional, divisional, and matrix. As with everything, there are advantages and disadvantages of each structure. Organizational Structures
Functional Organization: In a functional organization, jobs are specialized and grouped according to business functions and the skills they require. Functional structures are best with smaller simple environments. They tend to have two layers, the first being the CEO and the second being production, marketing, human resources, research and development, finance, accounting, and so forth. Other forms tend to be more flexible and responsive than the functional form. The largest advantage of having a functional form is the cost. Seeing that as the organization has many different employees in one level, it is easy to spend less money on equipment as well has have a higher production rate. Other great advantages of a functional structure are; the employee performance which is better maintained and communication is precise and clearly elaborate.
The disadvantages of the functional structure can include things like people caring more about their own function than the organization as a whole. Because of this, they will pay more attention to functional tasks and less attention to product quality and customer satisfaction.
Managers tend to be specialists rather than generalists which makes it difficult for them to…...

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