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Renegade Armor
Sweet Baby Jesus
May 29, 2012

Renegade Armor LLC is an organization that specializes in the sale of body armor for combat soldiers, law enforcement, and private security companies. It started as a very small business and has expanded rapidly to the point of realizing the need to globalize its efforts. Its success has been based of two major factors. First is the ability to deliver a quality product at a low price, and the one on one customer support they offer. Second, and most importantly, is their ability to groom their company structure to fit the needs of both its employees as well as its customers. Through their willingness to be flexible and receptive to change and restructure they have afforded themselves the ability to stay on top of a very high priced and competitive market.

Renegade Armor
Renegade Armor is a small mom and pop body armor company started in 2010 by Alvin Church and Marcus Treiber. Both former Marines whom were employed by larger body armor manufacturers as salesman after their time in the service. They were highly successful in the sales department both averaging well over 20 million is sales apiece yearly in their last 5 years with their former employer. Both men shared a vision of producing a better product for the military and left their employer to start out on their own. Since 2009 Renegade armor, which started out as two employees cutting Kevlar plates by hand in a small warehouse, has grown into a well groomed business with well over 50 employees and sales representation in several states and United Nations countries.
Organizational Structure
Renegade Armor horizontal type organization. As an organization it has evolved from a partnership of 2 employee/owners who did all the sales, manufacturing, and shipping themselves to a vertical structure in only 6 months. As a vertical structure…...