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Mgt 301 Exam 2 Questions

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Product waste is an example of waste in the sense that no value is added- true
In a JIT system, product inspection adds value by identifying defective items-false
A push system means providing the station with exactly what is needed when it is needed-false
Waste is anything that does not add value from the consumers prospective- True
Increasing inventory exposes variability in production processes-false
The 5’s do not include-safety
Manufacturing cycle time is best described as-time from raw material to finished product.
A common JIT layout tactic is to minimize distance-true
One goal of JIT partnerships is the removal of in plant inventory by delivery in small lots directly to the using as needed-true
JIT supplies have concerns that the JIT firms demands for a small lot size are simply a way of transforming holding costs from HIT firm to Supplies-true
Which of the following is true regarding the steps to reducing setup times? All the above
Which if the following statements is true about the Kanban system?-The customer workstation signals to supplier workstations when production is needed.
Employee empowerment is not needed at the Toyota plant-true
Kaizen- continuous improvement.
Jidoka-stop production when defect
Which of the following is not one of the principles at Toyota? Improvements with scientific method
JIT has internal focus while lean production begins with external focus on-Customers
Not an attributes to lean operations- Increase space required.
Services through out the world use-JIT,TPS and lean
Which is the following
Ohnos’s 7 wastes defects, over production, waiting, transporting, movement, inappropriate process, inventory

The objective of inventory management is to –strike a balance between inventory investment and customer service
Which if the following is not a type of inventory-mrp
Policies based on ABC analysis…...

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