Mgt 311 Week 5 Reflection

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Reflection Week 5
May 31, 2012
Andreya Broadway, Cyndee Aguirre, Jason Rhodes

This week we learned about diversity in the workplace. Kind of a touchy subject to many, but for team A it was a subject that hit close to home since all three of us have a very large diverse group in our respective workplaces. It is a manager’s job to make sure that groups are diverse in the company. Whether it is age, race, religion, tenure, or ability all of these qualities make up for a powerful combination for success if the manager takes the correct steps. A manager must understand first off what diverse associates he or she has in their environment. Once the manager has completed that step it is on to find out which assets will work best in a group. As described in class during the chapter 2 slides and discussion, every asset of diversity is much needed when assembling a team or group at work. Managing diversity is quite simple if a manager stays on top of it on a regular basis. The three levels of diversity are surface level, deep level, and management level, and all three of these levels are important when a managing diversity groups. It is a commitment that must be closely watched when trying to make sure those diversity trainings are being scheduled, and that steps are being taken to keep diversity in a positive way. Team A discussed that having weekly or monthly trainings and meetings are needed to ensure that the communication channel is used at all times to address issues, and to prevent them as well. Not all diversity groups can work together in harmony. It takes hard work and determination from all three levels of diversity to be successful.
I personally have had to combine my associates into teams at my current place of employment. To make a long story short I was in charge of a fundraiser event that was a pretty big deal. I had to assemble a…...