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Mgt 380 Week 3 Dq 1&2

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MGT 380 WEEK 3 DQ 1&2

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MGT 380 Week 3 DQ 1&2,
It is important for a leader to be able to manage across cultures because the business place is no longer confined by location. Communication has changed dramatically and is technologically-focused in today’s market. This difference in communication technology has broken down distance barriers, allowing business to be done in more than one location at a time. According to our textbook, “First, the U.S. population is changing, which affects workforce demographics. Second, globalization, or the increasing integration of regional and national economies, is changing the way the world does business,”(Weiss, 2011, pp. 120-121). The workplace requires emphasis on cultural diversity to thrive. An Introduction to Leadership states, “Companies are now able to conduct business on a global scale, employing people all over the world through outsourcing and recruiting talent. Professionals can fly from country to country for meetings or simply hold a video conference call. The U.S. workforce is affected at all levels, as people of different educational backgrounds, generations, and cultures interact,”(Weiss, 2011, p.121).
In the case of Zappos, the organizational culture influences the leader. According to our textbook, “As CEO Tony Hsieh stated, “We’ve actually said no to a lot of very talented people that we know can make an immediate impact on our top or bottom line. But because we felt they weren’t culture fits, we were willing to sacrifice the short term benefits in order to protect our culture (and therefore our brand) for the long term” (2009),” (Weiss, 2011, p. 106). Knowing that the attention to culture has been one of the main reasons for their success, the leaders would have to able to embrace this culture in order to be accepted into the Zappos “family”. The Zappos employees would submit the new leader for socialization to acclimate him/her to the way the company runs. That does not mean that in all circumstances the organizational culture influences the leader. Rather, in many businesses, leaders will influence the culture of the organization that they work for. If a leader shows lack of concern for the company’s culture, the followers will do the same, eliminating any remnant of company culture left. Conversely, if a leader encourages and demonstrates the company’s mission, vision, and core values, the followers will begin to imitate that behavior, enforcing the company’s culture.


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