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Materials needed for preparation:
Lectures (slides): 1 – What is culture; 2 – Conceptual culture models; 3 – Culture shock and expatriate adjustment; 4 – Motivation; 5 – Decision making; 6 – Ethics.
Textbook: Chapter 2 (Culture & International Management), 7 (Motivation), 9 (Decision Making)
Cases: (1) Foundering Expatriate; (2) Black & Decker
Readings: “The silent language in overseas business”; “Right ways to manage expats”; “Value in tension: Ethics away from home”
What is Culture? 1. What is the definition of culture?
Acquired knowledge people use to interpret experience and actions. This knowledge then influence values ,attitude and behavior

2. What are the three levels of culture? What are the examples for each level?
Surface level food holidays
Underwater level economy customs
Deep level value belief

3. How is culture transmitted?
Both formal and informal
Informal transmission occurs every day as individuals interact with each other, watch television, or read books
Formal transmission occurs through efforts to socialize as an individual, such as in schools and government

4. How does culture impact communication in organizations?
Culture has an impact on how communication takes place in an organization, what is communicated (e.g., only work related or including personal issues), and the manner in which information is communicated (direct confrontation vs. saving face)

5. What are high-context and low-context cultures?
In high-context cultures, the context in which what is spoken plays a major role in communication and the behavior of individuals
In low-context cultures, the information is very straightforward, and the context has less impact on how such information is likely to be spoken and interpreted

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