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Environmental Factors of Global and Domestic Marketing
February 21, 2011

Environmental Factors of Global and Domestic Marketing
Trying to market in a foreign country can be much more difficult than one might think. Oftentimes the response you are hoping for just do not happen, and unexpected negative responses can result instead. With the introduction of the internet it is very important not to compare characterizations of 20 or 30 years ago. People can now easily communicate by just a couple of clicks on a computer keyboard and the world has become accessible for almost all of us. However, even now in our digital age, with the world essentially at everyone’s fingertips, it is still crucial to carefully research the foreign market you wish to enter, as cultural, and ethical differences still very much exist and must still be considered and respected for successful marketing (Osaki, T. (2008).
Influence of Global Economic Interdependence
Global trade and interdependence is extremely important for every country in the world. When a country is involved with global trade it opens the doors for improving local conditions by providing employment and providing better opportunities for the people. On its own a country cannot function independently with absolutely no involvement from others, and to be successful, a country must be have some kind of trade and commerce relationship with other countries. (Armstrong, G., Kotler, P. 2009). An excellent example of interdependence is the medical industry. Many countries do not have the advanced products that the other more advanced countries have, and these medical products, such as medicine or equipment are crucial for life threatening diseases in so many under developed countries. These countries have no other choice but to have them imported. Global interdependence and trade

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