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Mgt 434 Week 4 Dq 3

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MGT 434 Week 4 DQ 3
To Buy This material Click below link You are the Office Manager for an engineering firm.
You interview Patricia for a position as the admin for three engineers and two surveyors.
Three weeks after she accepts the job, she calls in sick. She does not bring in a doctors note. Two weeks later, she calls you to tell you that her boy friend”must undergo surgery. She has promised him that the first person he will see upon coming out of anesthesia will be she. She needs to take time off to fulfill her promise. You tell her to report in once she has seen him.
One month after that, she comes to you and tells you that she needs an advance on her salary, as she is on the verge of being evicted. You speak with the owner, who says that she can have her check early ONLY this one time.
Several days later, she calls on her cell phone. She speaks to one of the engineers and tells him to tell you that a car drove her off the road and the state trooper investigating the case believes that she needs to take the day off to recuperate.
The engineer reports this to you. He also tells you that his team has been keeping a diary on her time and attendance. She constantly is leaving her work station, going outside to smoke or talk on has cell phone. She also has told them that she suffers from Crohn’s’ Disease and needs frequent bathroom breaks.
You tell her that you would like to speak with her. She tells you, in reply,”Great, I wanted to come and see you also since I believe that I deserve a raise, as I am the key to the team.
You tell her to see you on Friday.
At the same time, you are having problems with Jackie. She has been with the company for ten years and is liked by everyone. She is hardworking. However, she has this little problem. She is a comedian who goes to open mike nights at various comedy clubs in your community. When such occurs, she comes in late the next day, wearing dark glasses and having a husky voice.
You are worried that Patricia may raise Jackie to you in any discussion about time and attendance.
How do you handle these two problem employees?
Please use legal support to sustain your analysis.

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