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Output controls focus on results, behavior controls focus on activities that generate performance, and input controls focus on resources used in performing a behavior (Wheelen & Hunger, 2008).

Behavior controls define how an employee is to perform. These controls include standard operating procedures, instructions from one's supervisor, policies and rules. One behavior control is monitoring an employee during work. For example, monitoring an employee on a customer service phone call or reviewing a worker's computer for inappropriate content not related to work are types for behavior controls.

Output controls include benchmarks and performance goals where the specific outcome can be measured. These include measurable facts and figures such as sales quotas or profit objectives. For example, a firm might tell its sales staff that it needs to sell 20% more than last year's figure or it might tell its operations managers that costs need to be reduced by 10% over last year's figure.

Input controls include employee skills, motivation and knowledge. Hiring an individual with the necessary education and job skills to perform in a position is an input control.

Additionally, there are several primary measures of corporate performance. Financial measures include return on investment (ROI), earnings per share (EPS), and operating cash flow. Shareholder measures include market value added (MVA) and economic value added (EVA).

DQ 2
What methods would you consider to measure organizational performance?
•SWOT Analysis- used to evaluate the company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This measures the organization's present state and its potential.
•Market Research- this research can be done through focus groups, surveys and personal interviews. If a company is meeting consumers' needs means it's generally performing well.

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