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Mgt207 Ch 7

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2+3+1+5+5+3+4+4+5+4=36 I think it's never easy for me to speak my mind, because I read a lot of stories about how a blunt straightforward man to be persecution. Just like Peng Dehuai and HaiRui. They are honest and frank, they speak there mind, put forward some right suggestion, but that is why they were persecuted by Chinese monarch. So when I was work in a Chinese small company, I always put forward stupid suggestion to guide my manager to do right decision. The result was my manager felt good and he promoted more fast than other, so am I. Most time if information is care about my group I will share it but if it is care about me I will never share it, There is a proverb :"Love your neighbour, yet not down your fence". I do everything in this principle. I'm learning everyday, most time leaning by myself and reflecting, sometimes learning from others, observer what they did good or bad, and listen there viewpoint. I never think I did 100% correctly, but I make max interest for everyone as much as I can. In a group everyone works for there interest, if a manager can give them enough interest, they will work hard and do there best.
Info about HaiRui and Peng DeHuai from Wiki >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Hai Rui (23 January 1514 – 13 November 1587) was a Chinese official of the Ming Dynasty. In China he has been remembered as a model of honesty and integrity in office. A play based on his career, Hai Rui Dismissed from Office, gained political importance in the 1960s, during the Cultural Revolution. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Peng DeHuai was one of the most senior generals who defended the Jiangxi Soviet from Chiang's attempts to capture it, and his successes were rivaled only by Lin Biao. Peng participated in the Long March, and supported Mao Zedong at the Zunyi...

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