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Mgt211 Seminar 2 Case Study

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The Verdict of Group Think 1) In your experience, have you found that decision-making groups tend toward groupthink? If so, what factors contributed to this tendency? If not, what factors helped to prevent it?
In my experience, I do think groups tend to groupthink. I remember many times throughout high school being part of groups that commonly became ruled by the more dominant or outspoken student involved. Also I think, especially at that age, decision making may be highly stressful in a group setting for the less outgoing students. Low self-esteem and stress were the major factors for the groupthink these scenarios. As an adult, I also have experienced groupthink when asked to get together with the other 3 ladies in accounting come up with a better flow and more up-to-date accounting in conjunction with production and sales. The company has been growing and evolving rapidly and we needed to be better prepared for a heavier workload. Between the four of us, my co-worker and I being the there less time (both at least 2 years) and significantly younger than the other two that have been there 8+ years we were all expected to come to a common ground for duties and work flow. Quickly the two older women took over the decision making and didn’t consider much of what we had to say or had to bring to the table or prior experience. I suppose I am guilty of submitting to groupthink? 2) Review the steps in the rational decision making model (especially 1-4). This model, of course, applies to individuals and might be difficult to apply to group decision making situations. If, however, you were a juror, how might you apply these steps to your own deliberations?
If I were a juror, I would first identify what decision in particular I needed to make in regards to the case. Then I would consider all other possible aspects and scenarios of the case. Following that I would...

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