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Mgt311 Week 3 Reflection

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Week Three Reflection – Team B

August 5, 2013
Mohammad Yunus

Week Three Reflection – Team B Teamwork, effective communication, and conflict resolution surrounded not only this week's reading materials, but also the discussion threads. Corporations are moving towards a team environment rather than focusing on individual contributions as the means to be efficient, effective, and successful in the constantly evolving markets. As leaders or future leaders, our team has discovered skills necessary to manage, encourage, develop, and facilitate the growth of others. Two points of focus that our team discussed this week were group/team dynamics as well as ways to negotiate conflicts to a resolution.
Developing Effective Groups and Teams Projects, events, and certain issues within a company experience better results when a team is designed for the sole purpose of handling that situation. A team has to understand though that there is a necessity for them to be cohesive rather than performing the tasks individually when producing their final project. Companies that create team environments tend to establish greater productivity and creativity versus those who rely on employees to perform single roles. When teams are formed, it is important for management to understand the personalities of the individuals selected to be on the team in addition to the expertise, experience and skills employees would contribute. Too many or too few outspoken people will hinder the chance for creativity to flourish; some employees favor working individually rather than on a team while some shine when given the opportunity. The success of a team depends on their ability to work together and bring out the best in each other, but this can be greatly enhanced by a manager’s ability to build a good team from within their workforce. A team is only strong if they have...

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