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Effects of Quality Management
University of Phoenix
Quality Management and Productivity


To compare and contrast quality management an analysis of quality between two organizations in the same industry will be shown in comparison. A description of the organizations similarities and process is explained. Reasons why the process produces a competitive product or service in the domestic and global market is better understood. Quality management and its affects in a company’s position in the domestic and global market are important to understand when speaking about the comparisons of organizations in the same industry.

Quality management is an important factor in the success of today's organizations. Leading organizational thinkers have gone to the extent of saying quality in an organization determines the quality of its management, and quality management. In order to bring quality and excellence to an organization, managers need certain skills, tools, and abilities in all their functions. These skills and abilities relate to their understanding of management principles and theories, key organizational functions, and their mutual interrelationships. One of the large industries to follow the ISO quality assurances is major automobile distributors (2010, November).

Effects of Quality Management

Becoming registered to the ISO 9001 standards are not only as a means to improve the association's business processes and quality of work but also as the way to ensure its products and services conform to customers' expectations. The organization saw the standard as an international consensus of good management practices. (Darlene M Miller 2000 pg. 34(6), 84-85). This is a process that changes the quality of an organizations system. The connection to the system is quality input and outputs that creates a connection. A...

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