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Nike is the largest seller of athletic apparel around the world. The company stands on performance and product reliability towards their product. The company also states they lead in corporate citizenship through programs that reflect towards the care of their Nike family worldwide.
The internal assessment of Nike starts off with their social responsibility and how it is important it is to sustain a growing company. They established a VP position towards social responsibility. They’ve also joined the Fair Labor Association (FLA), Global Alliance for Workforce and Communities (GAWC), and also fund wildlife foundations. This helps with sustaining a positive public image and shows the public that you do care as a company to what the consumer thinks which influences a consumer’s decision. It’s an important competitive advantage because when you sustain your self in the public eye, it creates a strong hold on the company’s influence and gives insight on what consumers want. Another important advantage is Nike’s marketing tactics.
They also have an excessive advertising budget that helps with endorser contracts, printed ads, commercials, and sponsorship of activities. This helps with getting the brand name out there and creating a diversity of consumers. Not to mention the fan base from which follow their favorite sports icon that happens to be endorsing Nike products. Nikes distribution line is another important factor and is worldwide. This ensures product demand, development, and diversity upon product lines in curtain countries. They also have a solid distribution line to retailers and this create business loyalty and future commitments. The research and development department is broken up in sub categories like for example the Nike Sports Research Laboratory (NSRL) and Advance Product Engineering (APE). These two groups objectives are to develop and execute new...

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