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29 September 2011

September 21, 2011
Peter Rawson
Rawson Homes Pty Ltd
Unit 34/11-21 Underwood Rd
PH: 02 9764 6442

Dear Mr. Rawson:
We are submitting to you the report, due 3rd October, that you requested. The report is entitled REPORT ON ICT ENVIRONMENT & ADOPTION OF CLOUD COMPUTING. The purpose of the report is to inform you of our analysis of your current IT infrastructure as well as the costs and benefits of a cloud computing adoption strategy. The content of this report concentrates on the structural and acoustical aspects of the CSU Performing Arts Center. This report also discusses cable-stayed technology.
Kai Minors

1. Executive Summary

2. Part 1: Introduction

i. The Organization ii. Corporate structure iii. The major business processes iv. Statement of the problem

3. Current IT Infrastructure and Challenges i. Ecosystem ii. Current usage and efficiencies

4. Cloud Computing: Costs and Benefits. i. Overview of Cloud Computing ii. Goals and success factors of an agile IT infrastructure. iii. Benefits/Costs of Cloud Computing iv. Private vs. Hybrid vs. Public Cloud

5. Cloud Adoption Strategy

6. Recommendations

7. Conclusion

8. References

9. Appendix

The purpose of this report is to submit as an assessment for the University of Southern Queensland’s MBA Program

The specific problem addressed in the report is to clearly identify the current IT infrastructure of a company including its issues and challenges as well as a recommendation of a cloud computing adaptation strategy. The study is in the form of an IT infrastructure...

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