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Mgtr 521 Writing an Argument

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Writing an Argument; Wikipedia

Jesus Manuel Acosta-Vargas

University of Phoenix

MGT/521 Management

Prof. Elsie Jimenez-Galarza

Writing an Argument

Today in this century that “we” live, must student like surfing in the Internet to find his resources. The Internet as of the present time contains a several encyclopedias online and research’s websites of all kinds. Some of these types of research’s websites are reliable in some points, some are credible investigations some not, some are valid point of view, and other websites are not developing any of these criteria and lack bias. I am going to writing an argument about the infamous Wikipedia online encyclopedia and his credibility in the web.

Wikipedia from scratch we have to make some question; have a valid point of view? Have some credible sources? Is reliable source of information and good research to an essay? In addition to that i have to develop an argument based upon are the outcomes about the debate pro Wikipedia and against Wikipedia. And to support all the argument against Wikipedia, I going to identifying each criterion used to analyze and evaluate all the credibility sources. Some research demonstrates that Wikipedia’s articles that lack biases. Some articles are lack of ideas and neutral point of view too.

Head and Eisenberg (2010) write that Wikipedia is a source that is used in 85% of the work course of university students and in 91% of related searches problems of everyday life. Some schools and universities projects Wikipedia (Wikipedia contributors, 2011) is another important initiative that going to attempts publicize all the collaborative effort and the content enhancement of the Wikipedia made by the same teachers and students in some schools and some universities around the word.

They are coordinators (Head and Eisenberg 2010) of this initiative that I have to agree too with this initiative, to articulate all the benefits include that are provided to the students, with the uses and the improvements of Wikipedia as a curricular activity. I understand that the most students now days don’t use anymore encyclopedias like The Britannica for example, they use webpage systems to search his assessment and research like Wikipedia for example of this essay. Always have been rumors of the credibility of this search engine, but is been growing and performing on himself. Also Wikipedia in the near future is going to be a complimentary search engine for University of Phoenix for his criteria.

Some studies and research that I been search are demonstrated that Wikipedia has been growing on his own credibility among other search engine on the web. But first, to know that Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that receives more views daily. Also we know Wikipedia has received some criticism, because of its open editing policies that allow anyone to compose and edit entries. But articles founded in Wikipedia can be rise to a more professional consistency with a single use of some tools provided by Wikipedia into the article we use it.

While the line “according to Wikipedia” pops up occasionally in news stories, it’s relatively rare to see the user-created online encyclopedia cited as a source. But some journalists find it very valuable as a road map to troves of valuable information.(Donna Shaw, 2012). In order to know if any website, encyclopedia or journals has a credible and a liability information’s, we must know some important information; the author, their credentials, what kind of information is available or not from the resource, where they have their information along. What kind of citations have and the source that producing, why does their resource exist for real, what is the main purpose of his writing, and more important is it biased, and his comprehensive point of view to write.

Stvilia, Twidale, Smith, and Gasser (2008) conducted an empirical case study of information quality (IQ) processes of Wikipedia. They specifically looked at how contributors establish IQ of articles in a collaborative online environment such as Wikipedia. The authors note the evolving IQ process and the willingness and determination to discuss validity and edit errors in articles through use of the discussion tab available in each article’s content area.

Is very interesting how Wikipedia citations that lead to others citations, more authoritative sources. David Cay Johnston, a Pulitzer-winning reporter for the New York Times, says he recently looked up "thermodynamics" to see where it led him, and found that Wikipedia's entry listed numerous references from reliable sources. .(Donna Shaw, 2012). As the result of this open model, Wikipedia has been emerged as one of the largest and number one repository for information in the market, besides the encyclopedia Britannica that be out of production and in bankruptcy. But, does the high number of web surfer and volume of information that guarantee his credibility of all the authors and the validities of the information’s in the Wikipedia encyclopedia? This is the biggest challenge that the creators of Wikipedia will have to contend with for a long time. The main purposes of this encyclopedia are the media is precisely communicated, but by type of ideology can specialize in inform, educate, transmit, entertain, educate opinion, teach, monitor among others. (Jackeline Gonzalez 2012)


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