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Mhm505 – Introduction to Quality Assurance

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TUI University Michael Reeves MHM505 – Introduction to Quality Assurance

Module 1 Case

Quality Assurance (QA) can be defined as those activities that contribute to designing, mentoring and the improvement of quality healthcare. In defining the quality we need to develop the standards that will be used to measure the effect of the quality of work we are striving towards. The standards does not have to be clinical it can be administrative, good standards are usually reliable, realistic clear and valid. With the amount of medical mishaps that we experience on a daily basis it is very important that we have a quality Assurance team in place. In fact an entire department should be available just to focus on quality operation within the hospital. With a solid quality assurance program I know that a hospital will be able to save even more money and resources by avoiding law suits that arise from malpractice. I would base my argument on areas such as communication, situational awareness and the importance of quality patient care. In my opinion the aspect of quality assurance that is most important is safety, this falls in the range of focusing on the patient or putting focus on the system or even the processes that are in place. It is obvious that the purposes of health care services are to generate customer satisfaction and operate with the least amount of money possible. Focusing on the client does not only cover the patients but the employees as well. It is important that after gathering the information from the patients the facility begins to focus their attention on how to prepare treatment needs specifically for those patients. We know that everyone will respond to treatment in the different ways, using this method will result in high quality care for all individuals treated at the...

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