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Mhr6451 Case Study 16:1 Castulon Corp

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Case study 16-1: Castulon Corp: Drug testing Program

MHR 6451



Does the American workforce have issues with drugs? If so, should employer incorporate drug programs within the work place? According to the U.S. Department Statistics, “75% of all illegal drug users are employed full and part time; 3% say they have used illegal drugs before or during work; 79 % of heavy alcohol abusers are employed and 7% say they Have Consumed alcohol during the workday” (Zeidner, Rita 2010). In essence, employees that go to work under the influence of drugs are a risk to the individual as well as other employees. Therefore, with such high drug statistics and risk factors with employees under the influence of drugs, should Castulon Corporation establish a drug-testing program and what policy should be use? If so, what are the most difficult challenges Castulon Corp. will be facing while implementing the program? Along with the drug program implementation, should alcohol testing be a part of the testing? In the following discussion, these questions will be analyzed and answered.

Main Discussion First of all, should Castulon Corporation implement a drug program within the workplace? If so, what policy should they implement? Since Castulon Corp has encountered drug issues within the workplace within two short months, they should highly consider implementing a drug program. By implementing a drug program within Castulon Corp, it will increase safety by reducing the amount of injuries which in term reduce the amount of workman compensation. Ivancevich, John M (2010) stated that over “substance abuse is believed to affect 11 percent of the workforce costing organizations over $200 billion per year in lost productivity and related expenses”. Also, it will reduce employees damaging equipment. Overall, implementing a drug program will save the...

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