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Miami Dade College: Case Study

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Miami Dade College has engaged in joint ventures and partnerships with many institutions to enrich its cultural landscape, expand business opportunities, and increase the educated workforce. In 1997, MDC established a joint venture with Miami Dade County Public Schools to host the Theodore Gibson Oratorical Project with the purpose to provide children the opportunity to refine their public speaking skills, self-esteem and confidence through a “comprehensive and challenging level of learning and competition.” Since then, every year, during spring, around 350 children compete in different categories. Twelve children emerge as winners and receive medallions and engraved trophies. The school’s district associate superintendent for curriculum and instruction said, “this competition is a valuable life learning experience for the participants.”
The “Media Careers” is another joint venture that MDC has established with Discovery Communications with the purpose to help students with their careers exploration and job skills development through a series of “Career Exploration Panels.” Discovery communications is a media company that comprises 153 worldwide television networks, including Animal Planet, TLC, OWN (Oprah Winfrey’s network) 3net, The Hub, and Discovery Channel. The network reaches more than 1.8 billion subscribers around the world. This partnership focuses on teaching students the technical and soft-skills required to pursue a career in the media industry.
Verde Gardens is the product of a joint venture with Miami Dade County Homeless Trust and affordable housing developer Carrfour Supportive Housing. This $20 million project was established to produce organic crops on a 22-acre farm. Earth learning, a non-profit organization,
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