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Michael Jordan: Beyond an Icon
Many people in this modern time would agree that we need someone in the sports world to step up and take a leading role. There are so many athletes out there today involved in scandals such as, affairs, taking of performance enhancing drugs, and even run-ins with the law. We need someone to step up not just as a role model, or some factory icon. But to bring back the integrity of the word athlete.
Michael Jordan was the Chicago Bulls superstar who beat Charles Barkley and Akeem Olajuwon for Rookie of the Year back in 1985. He may be the greatest player to ever play the game. He even has six championship rings to back up his claim, including 3 straight from 1991-1993, and 3 more in 1996-1998.
Michael was named the NBA Finals MVP in all of those titles. In 1991, Jordan's Bulls finally overcame the greatest impediment to their team's success, the Detroit Pistons, who had regularly eliminated the Bulls from the playoffs.
In 1993 he averaged 41.0 ppg in the finals, for a record. This 6'6" guard is a NBA first teamer (10 times) He was once again an All-NBA First Team member in 1996.

You can always pencil Mike in as the starting guard for the all-star game (13 appearances). He started for the ninth time in 1997, as the first player EVER to receive more than 2 million votes. In the 1997 Game he became the first player ever to record a triple double in the all-star game with 14 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists. Jordan was not named MVP that year, but he did win the Game's MVP award in 1988 after scoring 40 points and again in 1996. Jordan was once again elected to start in 1998 after leading the eastern conference in voting. After coming out of retirement, Jordan was elected to start again for the eastern all-stars in 2002.
Jordan holds the record for most career scoring titles with eight, including 7 straight, also a record.…...