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"Michael Phelps is leaving Beijing as a global sports icon. He's now with the likes of the Michael Jordans, Tiger Woods and Roger Federers and he's earned every bit to be in that elite company," said Michael Lynch, head of global sponsorship at Visa.
Phelps first got to be marketable in the wake of winning six golds at the 2004 Olympics in Athens. Be that as it may, his prosperity at the 2008 Olympics has placed him in a different level, with a record 14 golds to his name, and on track to end up the wealthiest swimmer ever.
"This absolutely changes the game. The values will change, the depth of the programs he is involved with will change, the breadth of these programs will change," said Phelps's agent, Peter Carlisle.
As Phelps won gold after gold at Beijing, his allure took off and TV gatherings of people in the United states, the world's greatest media market, watched his triumphs in record numbers.

Morals assumes a part in quality creation and says a great deal in regards to an association. Exploitative conduct or the backing of untrustworthy conduct can spread all through an organization. On the off chance that Kellogg's had kept on embracing Michael Phelps after those pictures were distributed, then Kellogg's image might have been one of a firm that backings the utilization of illicit substances, and that would possibly have harmed interior and outside partners' image.
Not to put all of the cards on one person because more likely than not they will mess up and lose value and potentially cause damage to the company.

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