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State of Michigan

What Every Driver
Must Know

Ruth Johnson, Secretary of State
July 2012
WEDMK November 2012.indd 1

11/1/2012 9:02:59 AM

Dear Michigan Motorist:
There are nearly 7 million licensed drivers and 10 million registered vehicles in Michigan, which means our highways and roads are busy places. Ensuring motorists have the skills and knowledge to drive safely and responsibly is one of the best ways to remain safe on the road.
I am pleased to offer this latest edition of What Every Driver
Must Know. In it, you will find information about driver’s licenses, teens and driving, common traffic rules, signs and signals, what to do in emergencies, and much more. Whether you are a novice driver or have years of experience behind the wheel, this booklet can be a helpful guide.
Driving requires your full attention. Distractions such cell phones, texting, tuning the radio, and eating should be avoided when you are behind the wheel. Please make sure that you and your passengers remain safe. Obey all traffic laws, make sure everyone is buckled up or in an appropriate child safety seat, and never drink and drive. Michigan is a great state with many different opportunities for travel, recreation, and fun. Please drive safely.

Ruth Johnson
Secretary of State

WEDMK November 2012.indd 2

11/1/2012 9:03:00 AM

Table of Contents


1. Michigan Driver’s License Information


Michigan Residents
New Michigan Residents
General Licensing Requirements
The Driver’s License Process


Providing Your Social Security Number; Providing Proof of Legal Presence; Providing Proof of Identity; Providing Proof of Residency; Physical Standards; Vision Test; Knowledge Test;
Temporary Instruction Permit (TIP); Driving Skills Test;
Restricted License Due to Disability or Illness; Changing...

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