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Famous players and coaches

Being a school of such success, Michigan is bound to have great players in the NFL, right? Correct. The University of Michigan has produced great players in the NFL. One of the most popular Michigan Players in today's NFL roster is Tom Brady. Brady was the quarter back for the Wolverines during his starting season, 1998 and 1999. Brady was all big ten in both his starting seasons and led michigan to a 20-5 winning record over those years. Now Tom Brady is the quarterback for the Patriots and is one of the most respected quarterbacks in the game today(Kinney, 2006).
Another famous player for the U of M is Charles Woodson. Woodson played for the Wolverines in 1995-97. Charles Woodson was not only a Heisman winner, but the only Heisman winner to play primarily defense. Woodson is now a player for the Oakland Raiders(Kinney, 2006).
The most famous coach has to be coach Fielding Yost. Yost arrived at the scene in 1901and was the athletic director and coach. During Yost's early years Michigan was a powerhouse. Yost's teams became the "point a minute" team. Yost led the Wolverines into the first bowl game in football history and defeated Stanford 49-0. Yost is widely considered the best coach in Michigan's history. He led the way and made winning a tradition at the U of M(Kinney, 2006).

Memorable seasons

Michigan has won 11 National titles and was the unclaimed winner 3 years. These are the seasons that we remember the most at the University of Michigan. The most recent time Michigan won the National Title was under the leadership of Llyod Carr. Llyod Carr led his team to a undefeated season. With Charles Woodson at his side, the two led their team to become a defensive juggernaut and allowed on average only 9.5 points. With a trip and Victory to the Rose Bowl, the Wolverines won the national Championship(Kinney, 2006).

But we cannot forget where we came from. Another great season was the year of Fielding Yost. Like mentioned before, Yost became the head coach for MIchigan in the early 1900s and led Michigan Wolverines to multiple seasons of success. However, nothing compares to the first Rose Bowl. Michigan shut out Stanford in a crushing victory of 49-0. This season showed just how good the Wolverines truly were and none will forget it(Kinney, 2006).


The University of Michigan is no doubt a respectable team. Any one who says otherwise is not looking at the facts. The athletics program for the Wolverines has so many different opportunities for people to participate in sport because of the rich history the school has. However, its blue and maize color, in some opinions, look best out there on the field. The field where the Wolverines football program continues its winning traditions. Not only making great college players and coaches, but great players and coaches of history. Hail to the Victors, and Go Blue!

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