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Micorbiology Article Based on Cell Biology

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Did this article catch my interest, yes, because it’s talking about how bigger areas of where people live and economies growth of industries and pollution rates are more affected by the bacteria and the difference in the cell biology growth process. Also the difference between the growth processes in one land verses another. This article did hold my interest throughout reading it to the end. I had a hard time at first understanding what they were doing and how. I don’t feel like they explained how as much as what they were doing. Understanding what they were meaning took extra research to clarify meanings to the type of research and the components to what they were researching. Also the microbiology components and the different types of cells, are unknown areas of knowledge to me. So again it took some extra research and definitions to understand exactly what they may have been talking about and the different processes to the components that made up this process and outcome. This article helped my interest in economy and the life to life. To me the world and its natural resources that it with holds are slowly changing due to the economic changes we have inquired and worries me of the long term outcomes we will be facing in decades to come. I wish we recognized this more and acted upon it more. I feel like we are stuck in the mind set of businesses and advancing in technology that isn’t really looking into the earths affect and even human and animal’s long term affect.
What I got from this first article, is basing its research in microbiology in cell biology. This article starts itself with explaining about multicellular communities of a single celled organism. This attaches itself to a surface of self-organization in distinct stages. The predominant form of life on Earth ( Page 497). Explains that the early stages of cell to surface shows...

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