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Micro and Macro Estimates

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What are the differences between micro and macro estimating approaches? Under what conditions would you prefer one over the other?

Macro estimates are typically top down, are usually used in the project conceptual phase, and depend on measures such as weight, square feet, ratios. Macro methods do not consider individual activity issues and problems. Macro estimates are good for rough estimates and can help select and prioritize projects. UNCERTAINTY

Micro time and cost estimates are usually tied directly to the WBS and a work package. These estimates are made by people familiar with the task, which helps to gain buy-in on the validity of the estimate. Use of several people should improve the accuracy of the estimate. Micro estimates should be preferred if time to estimate is available, estimating cost is reasonable, and accuracy is important.

Microeconomics is generally the study of individuals and business decisions, macroeconomics looks at higher up country and government decisions. Macroeconomics and microeconomics, and their wide array of underlying concepts, have been the subject of a great deal of writings. The field of study is vast; here is a brief summary of what each covers:

Microeconomics is the study of decisions that people and businesses make regarding the allocation of resources and prices of goods and services. This means also taking into account taxes and regulations created by governments. Microeconomics focuses on supply and demand and other forces that determine the price levels seen in the economy. For example, microeconomics would look at how a specific company could maximize it's production and capacity so it could lower prices and better compete in its industry. (Find out more about microeconomics in Understanding Microeconomics.)

Macroeconomics, on the other hand, is the field of economics that studies the behavior of the...

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