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Do you think the social and cultural environments of the 18th and 19th centuries helped or hindered the study of microbiology in particular and science in general? Why?

After reviewing all three videos I believe both the social and cultural environment of the 18th and 19th centuries both helped the study of microbiology and science. I feel this way because during this time, it was believed that illness were caused by outside influences like bad air, or divine punishment as stated in Pasteur and understanding Disease video section. These types of cultural no social beliefs in my option aided the scientist of the time to research the true cause of illness something that could be seen no proved.

Do you think that microbiology and science are influenced by today’s social and cultural environments? Provide examples to support your statements.

I do believe Microbiology and science are influenced by today’s social and cultural environment. Over the years with much trial no error science/microbiology has come to the level it is currently at. For example the try and see approach used by Jenner in regards to using the scraping from the lady with cowpox to inoculate against smallpox. Jenner didn't know if that would work he just reasoned since the milkmaids didn't contract smallpox then maybe since they were exposed to cowpox the had built an immunity. In today’s society the social cultural environment would not allow for a child to be subjected to this kind of testing. With modern technology everything is tested by many means prior to getting to the human testing phase.

What obstacles might we encounter as we work to advance the study of microbiology in this day and age?

The more we learn about microbiology the better our medical treatment becomes. Better medical treatment is great but sometimes too much of a good thing becomes negative. For example scientists...

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