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In this essay, I will be looking at how sound, cinematography and mise en scene construct meaning and provoke response in the 5minute opening sequence of the film “Prisoners”. Prisoners is directed by Denis Villeneuve, and came out in 2013.

The first minute of the film, is set in a woodland forest surrounded by snow and tree trunks. It shows a wide shot of the forest with a dear in the far background. Non-diagetic sound appears when the dear starts to come closer towards the camera. The non-diagetic sound is of a man repeating a prayer. This builds suspension and makes the audience question why he is narrating a prayer. The camera then walks back, and soon focuses on a rifle gun, which is pointing towards the dear, as the non-diagetic sound of the prayer is still being said. This suggests to the audience that the dear is either going to get shot for pleasure, or for food. As soon as the non-diagetic sound of the prayer ends with an “Amen”, the camera comes behind the 2 men, which shows an over shoulder shot, and the gun then gets fired. Diagetic sound of the gunshot is loud and clear. The over shoulder shot, allows us to know who is firing at the dear, and shows us from behind there point of view. Diagetic sound of the dear dying, suggests its been killed in a miserable way. As soon as the rifle has been fired, non-diagetic music appears with a slow beat thud noise. This shows that it’s the ending of the scene. As the slow beat music is playing, the man with a rough looking beard faces towards the young teen that shot the dear, in a proud manner, and taps him on the back. A tapping on the back shows proudness, and a good job.

The scene changes to a wide shot of a truck driving along the highway. Non-diagetic sound of the radio is playing as we see the truck driving. The camera then goes into the truck, making it look like the sound was coming from the radio...

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