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Micro-Preemies Should Not Receive Medical Treatment

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Having a micro preemie can alter more than one life. There are several micro preemies born each year and the cost for that can be extremely high. There are multiple different types of technology used to keep a micro-preemie alive and technology is also used to help treat some of the birth defects a micro-preemie may have but the cost for using this technology could also be astronomical. The hospital stays that the micro preemie will have to endure can be very long and the emotional stress can be high. The ethics for treating a patient that young that has no say so whether they want to be alive or not is wrong. Micro preemies have been an issue for several years. “A micro preemie is a baby born weighing less than 1 pound, 12 ounces (800 grams) or before 26 weeks gestation. Because they are born months before their due dates, micro preemies face long NICU stays (Morrissette).” There is no specification to who will give birth to a micro preemie, it does not matter what type of ethnicity, age or what region of the world a person lives in, a female can still give birth to a micro preemie. “Nearly 13% of all babies in the U.S. are preemies, a 20% increase since 1990. A 2006 report by the National Academy of Sciences found that the 550,000 preemies born each year in the U.S. (Million-Dollar Babies).” Just because a female takes every medical precaution during pregnancy does not mean you will last until full term, a person is still at risk for giving birth to a micro preemie. “Premature infants have two ages: their chronological age, based on the day they were born; and their adjusted age, based on their due date (Tchang).” The cost to care for a micro-preemie can be very costly. Without medical insurance or any kind of healthcare a person or family can become severely in debt. Taking care of a micro preemie is a major burden to hospitals, families, and any...

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