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Microbiology Mid Term Review
What contribution did these dudes make to science and what type of experiments were involved in the discoveries they made? Louis Pasteur- Heat pasteurization- 1st vaccine for rabies. Found alcohol only produced in wine if yeast was present. “Swan necked” flasks experiment for spontaneous generation.

Robert Koch- Studied anthrax, Koch’s postulates (germ theory) studied and awarded for TB research.

Anton van Leewenhoek- Made the 1st lens to observe living microorganisms. The lens magnified up to 300x and were free of distortion.

Edward Jenner- Studied small pox. Came up with the first vaccine for smallpox.

Alexander Fleming- Discovered lysozyme (an enzyme) was found in tears, saliva, and sweat could kill bacteria.

What issues and types of instruments are involved in visualizing bacteria and viruses with a compound light microscope?
Reflection- transmission-absorption with florescence-refraction.
Condenser-is a lens that serves to concentrate light from the illumination source that is in turn focused through the object and magnified by the objective lens. iris diaphragm-regulates the amount of light on the specimen. objective lenses- magnifies ranges from 10x to 40x, ocular lenses. stage- supports the slide for viewing. focusing knobs-moves the stage up and down for focusing. total magnification- take the power of the objective (4X, 10X, 40x) and multiply by the power of the eyepiece, usually 10X.

What are the differences between a hanging drop slide vs a smear in examining a microbe?
Hanging drop- often is used with dark-field illumination. A drop of culture is placed on a coverslip that is encircled with petroleum jelly. The coverslip and drop are then inverted over the well of a depression slide. The drop hangs from the coverslip, and the petroleum jelly forms a seal that prevents evaporation. This...

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