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do any of the witnesses contradict each other, or themselves? Yes, because the main character Thalia claimed that she was raped by 5 men and that it was too dark to even notice their face or the vehicle, because it was too dark it's surprising that she even claimed that the 5 men were local hawaiians instead of 5 white men.
What important details are missing, and how might you go about looking for them? Some important details that are missing are DNA to show that she was raped by that ethnic or anyone, beside the fact that she did drink a lot and they caused scenes, and also when she went to go see a UH psychologists and after a session with him the psychologists said that she was a disturbed young lady.
What information is missing? There is a bunch of information that is missing like where she was kidnapped, because she doesn't even remember where at because the fact she was walking down a dirt road, A couple witnessed that thalia walked away with another white man, which wasn't her husband.
How would you describe the news coverage at the time of the incident? Cite examples. News coverage was huge, because it was a white woman claiming that she had been raped by 5 z local hawaiians and samoans. It was so huge it was known across the nation from hawaii to the e east coast and back. It was on the news and in newspapers.
The U.S. Military presence on Hawai'i and its effects on Hawaiians is referenced in the article regarding navy life in territorial Hawaii. As the united states has become a truly global power, its military presence elsewhere in asia as well as other parts of the world has sometimes led to tensions with local residents and goernments. Why is Hawaii so important to military forces?
Hawaii is important to military forces because it's in between the united states and other countries that they have soldiers stationed in such as Japan, the military would have to stop somewhere to refuel and the most convenient place was Hawaii and also because Hawaii has other resources that other countries dont have which can be an advantage to military that involves trades.
What rules and policies might help ensure good relations between U.S. Military personnel and local residents?
Some policies that would ensure good relations between U.S. Military and local residents is to be treated fairly although that was hard back then it would be the most likely thing to do. Also let all the residents have their rights respected without being discriminated and have the foreigners pay the same price as they have to when a crime is committed on their lands, because before the foreigners (white men) came to Hawaii everything was equal because to the hawaiians they believed that the land was their older sibling and if anything happened to the land the same would happen to its people, and everything that happened to the land happened to the people. The land had buildings built on it and even up to now the land is being built on.
Do you feel the United States annexed Hawai'i in order to exploit the islands for economic gain?Did the video change your views on this issue? Expalin how.
Yes, because if you look at everything now it's all for tourists and a lot of our natural resources are owned by Dole (the white men) and other white men. The hawaiians dont have much of their land anymore.
In your opinion, do the cases involving Grace Hubbard Fortescue and the men accused of assulting Thalia Massie proviide evidence that the judicial system favors wealthy people and discriminates against poor people? Do you believe that the U.S. Judicial system today is tilted towards the rich? Explain.
No, I believe that the judicial system today is tilted towards race and not rich. For example: Lindsey Lohan was caught abusing substances and got 2 or 3 months the rapper T.I. Was caught with substances and was put into jail for a year. So, you tell me if being rich has anything to do with the judicial system now a days.
Use the informtion from the film and the internet and write one page that presents your analysis of the Massie affair as well as your general view on the fairness of the U.S. Judicial system. Your answer should include one piece of evidence from a present day case that you believe supports your view, such as information about a current or recent trail.
During the Thalia Massie rape trail, lawyers for the defendents introduced evidence about her past and character that was intended to make jurors doubt her story.
I believe that the jurors should have looked at the evidence that were presented, which then again there were none . The jurors should have also looked at her past because then they could get a mental image in their head why she would do this because it all connects except for the 5 hawaiian and samoan men.
What is Hawai'is law regarding the introduction of information about a victim's past in a rape trail? Do you agree or disagree with the policy, explain your answer.
In Hawaii you are not allowed to present a victim's past in a rape case because of (rape shield laws) I don't believe that the rape shield laws are fair at all therefore, I disgree because victims such as thalia massie who cry rape usually get away with false accusations on other people who have to pay for a crime that wasn't even true. When a person's past is presented in court it helps the jurors with their decisions because if I were a juror and I knew she was disturbed woman I would think twice before letting her off about an false accusation.
As the film explains, clarence Darrow encourged jurors to acquit Grace Fortescue, even though she admitted her involvement in the murder of Joseph Kahahawai, on the basis of “jury nulification”. What is meant by “Jury nullification”. Provide information regarding another case in which “jury nullification” was an issue.
Jury nullification: is a constitutional doctrine which allows juries to acquit criminal defendants who are technically guilty, but who do not deserve to be punished. Occurs in a trial when a jury reaches a verdict. Another case where jury nullification occurred was the Montana pot rebellion case where a man was caught with marijuana, but was not convicted or guilty of having marijuana because the juries verdict was that the man was innocent.
Imagine that you were one of the jurors in that case, and you were convinced that kahahawai had participated in a sexual assault against Thalia Massie. You were also convinced that Fortescue was involved in Kahahawai's killing. Wuld you vote to acquit Fortescue, or convict her? Write a paragraph expalining how you would vote and why. In considering the issues raised by the activity, you will need to balance the rights of the defendant, the victim, and the public (i.e. , its right to know). Students may want to examine the recent sexual assault trial of pro basketball player Kobe Bryant, which raised similar issues.
Well, I believe that it depends whether or not I am a white woman or a woman of color that is for or against the hawaiians. In my opinion if I was convinced that Kahahawai raped thalia massie I would be in favor of thalia, but the fact of the matter is that there isn't any evidence at all so I would be in favor or kahahawai to be released and not punished, but because Thalia's mother murdered kahahawai I would suspect thalia to be apart of the murder because she clained that kahahahawai were one of the men that raped her.
How would the law-enforce-ment and judicial systems be affected if juries acquitted guilty defendants on a regular basis.
The law-enforce-ment and judicial systems would be totally corrupt because they would be letting rapists, murderers, molesters, and etc. out back into the real world without being punished for breaking the law and the whole nation would be full of violence and people getting violated sexually and what not by rapists and molestures. That just tells a murderer that he can keep killing people and all he will get is a slap on the wrist.
Was it an act of honor-- or revenge for a crime never committed? Explain your answer.
I believe that it was an act of revenge for a crime never committed, and that it was seriously just a call for attention from thalia massie. She was miserable in her marriage claimed one of the UH psychologists when she wrote out her thoughts and feelings long handed. Also, her cry out for attention didn't really do anything because later on after thalia massie divorced her husband and she ended up in a mental institute. Also, thalia's mother didn't want her named dragged through the mud, by a bunch of hawaiians that she claimed they were african americans who didn't deserve to be treated equally. In thalia's mothers head she thought it was an act of honor because she saved her name from being drug in the mud, but it wasn't fair to the locals. Thalia's mother and Thalia was convicted for 10 years, but it was cut to 1 hour in the govenors office drinking tea.

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