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do any of the witnesses contradict each other, or themselves?
Yes, because the main character Thalia claimed that she was raped by 5 men and that it was too dark to even notice their face or the vehicle, because it was too dark it's surprising that she even claimed that the 5 men were local hawaiians instead of 5 white men.
What important details are missing, and how might you go about looking for them?
Some important details that are missing are DNA to show that she was raped by that ethnic or
anyone, beside the fact that she did drink a lot and they caused scenes, and also when she went
to go see a UH psychologists and after a session with him the psychologists said that she was a
disturbed young lady.
What information is missing?
There is a bunch of information that is missing like where she was kidnapped, because she
doesn't even remember where at because the fact she was walking down a dirt road, A couple
witnessed that thalia walked away with another white man, which wasn't her husband.
How would you describe the news coverage at the time of the incident? Cite examples.
News coverage was huge, because it was a white woman claiming that she had been raped by 5 z local hawaiians and samoans. It was so huge it was known across the nation from hawaii to the e east coast and back. It was on the news and in newspapers.
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