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Microsoft Office for Teachers

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Simple, cute, friendly, kind and shy. That’s how they describe me. Moreover, I guess it is true. I am Roimee Jocuya Pedong, 16 years old, a first year B I am just a simple girl who grew up with a fear to our Lords, to always help others in need and grew up bearing in mind the value of education in one’s life. I was baptized at Rosario Mission center at December 26, 1998. I was baptized by Rev. Fr. Agustin Balanquit with other children. I was four years old when I entered school. I was in day care 1 that time. Being a day care student was not a very good memory for me. I was the only student who always gets the lowest score in quizzes, activities and exams. Because of that, my classmates used to laugh at me. I remember, during our graduation, I had a memorized poem; I let mama hold the microphone I delivered my poem because I was too shy to deliver my poem in front of everyone. Everything turned upside dowen when I entered day care III. I was the one who always top the exams. And, when I delivered my poem, I did not let mama hold the microphone anymore. I was six years old when I entered Elementary School. Since grade one, I was always on the section one and top ten student. I graduated elementary on 2010 as the third honorable mention. During my childhood days, I was playful yet very shy. I don’t really go out of our house, though I really want to play. Way back, my papa was very strict, but we know that it is also for our own good. I studied high school at Saint Michael Academy. During my first year in high school was the hardest year of my life. Why? Because when I entered high school, it’s like a new world was created. New faces, new places. I became on my own, away from my family. But the rest of my high school life was great, and one of the happiest and memorable day of my entire life.
I like fashion designing and cooking. I also like being with people who accepts me for who I am, who truly understands me, who never makes me feel that I am alone and who makes me smile and laugh. I like cute stuff like teddy bears, puppies, kittens and SpongeBob! My favorite color is violet/purple. And I like everything related to that color, purple dress, violet shoes, purple bag and grapes. I hate people that are backstabber, naïve and dishonest. And I really hate worms. I spend most of my time reading books, watching movies and studying. I don’t really hang out with my friends, I prefer to be alone. But don’t get me wrong, I am not that super loner, I’m enjoying my life to the fullest. “Simplicity is beauty” and “Try and try until you succeed” are my mottos. Five years from now, I picture myself as a successful and well-respected teacher.  As a student, and as a person, I faced many challenges and struggles, and I know there are many more to come. But I am confident that I will win them all because God is with me, and of course, I have my family, relatives, and friends to help me. Throughout the years, I have learned so many things, but there is only one that marked in my heart; It’s “LOVE”. Because when we love, we learn to forgive, we learn to forget, we learn to accept things and we learn to be strong. And when we love, God is with us. achelor of Elementary Education student. I live in Brgy. One Commonwealth, Rosario N. Samar.

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