Microsoft Powerpoint & Prezi

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ENG102 Module 3 – Case

December 2012

When it comes to presentation software, Microsoft PowerPoint has long been the industry standard for presenting information to the masses. However, in 2009 a company based out of Budapest launched Prezi, cloud-based presentation software as an alternative to the well-established Microsoft product. Although both programs were exclusively designed as presentation software, there are some differences between the two that will be highlighted in the subsequent paragraphs.
PowerPoint, a slide-based program developed by Microsoft, is presentation software that consists of a number of individual pages or slides. Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software tool that allows the user to create a presentation using a large, blank page instead of traditional slides. The distinguishing feature of this software is its zooming user interface which enables users to zoom in and out of their presentation media. PowerPoint is offered as part of a software package that has to be uploaded on a computer. Prezi, on the other hand is a free web-based, assessable program that is offered online and as a download for computer desktops. PowerPoint is a linear-based application that uses multiple slides to present information, almost acting as a teleprompter when the user is presenting information. Prezi is a non-linear application that uses panning and zooming features that tend to give it more of a cinematic feel as opposed to the traditional slideshow format of PowerPoint. When using PowerPoint, text inclusion is limited to either bullet, numbered, or column format and offers no application to design pages in any other design. While PowerPoint is limited in this aspect, text inclusion is one of Prezi’s most elaborate features. In Prezi, not only can text can be developed in column, and bulleted formats, but text can be…...