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Microsoft Project Tutorial

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CS 587 Software Project Management

Instructor: Dr. Atef Bader

MS Project Tutorial
MS Project in Labs:
Available in Siegal Hall Lab in Main Campus
Available in Room 210 Rice Campus

Prepared by
Milton Hurtado

How to get MS Project ?

Download MS project from following link Embarking new Project
Go to file, select new. This will open a screen for blank project click ok.
You can now enter your project information viz. start date, finish date and also how would you like to schedule the project from either start or finish date.
You can also chose selection if you will be using night shifts. Gantt Chart
Select Gantt Chart view from the view menu.
You’ll have a spreadsheet where you can now enter information of all the activities
i.e. task name, duration, start date, end date, predecessors and various other fields.
You can enter required information in two ways, in spreadsheet or when you double click on cell you get pop up window in which you can enter all the information of that particular activity. For predecessor activity you need to write activity number.
The SW itself will calculate start and end date.
Now the Gantt Chart is complete.

Adding tasks and milestones to a Project File


On the View menu, click Gantt Chart.
In the Task Name field, type a task name, and then press TAB. (Microsoft Project enters an estimated duration of one day for the task followed by a question mark)
In the Duration field, type the amount of time each task will take in months, weeks, days, hours, or minutes, not counting nonworking time. (By default the time period will be days, but that can be changed to hours, months, etc.)
Press ENTER.
It should look like the figure below:

To add a milestone the only difference is that...

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