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Microsoft project do provide the feature of auto generating 6 different categories of reports which includes Overview Reports, Current Activity Reports, Cost Reports, Assignment Reports and Workload Reports.

In Overview Reports, there are 4 types of reports which are Project Summary report, Top-Level Tasks report, Critical Tasks report and Milestones report. Project Summary report is to show users high-level information and at the end of the report it will show the overall task status which includes the number of pending, in progress and completed tasks. Top-Level Tasks Report is to shows the planned schedule with information straight from summary table. Critical Tasks Report is to show how delayed critical tasks may bring impact to the other tasks. Milestones report is to show the list of milestones so that user can see how the project is achieving.

In Current Activity Reports, there are 6 types of reports which includes Unstarted Task report, Tasks Starting Soon report, Tasks In Progress report, Should Have Started Tasks report, Slipping Tasks report and Completed Tasks report. Unstarted Tasks report is to show the list of tasks that have not started yet together with whether the task is on time, early or it is late. Tasks Starting Soon report is to show tasks that are going to start or finish in the date range that user specified. Tasks In Progress Report is to show the list of tasks that are currently in progress and also their status. Should Have Started Tasks report is to show the list of tasks that should have been started but still have not started in records. Slipping tasks report is to show the list of tasks that have already started but are due to finish after the baseline set for them. Completed tasks report is to show the list of tasks completed for each month.

In Cost reports, there are 5 types of reports which include Cash Flow report, Budget...

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