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Microsoft Windows 10: a Computer and Business Solution

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Microsoft Windows 10
A Consumer and Business Solution


The new version of Windows Enterprise has been released as a technical preview and is generating a raves for both personal computing and as a client side solution for businesses. It appears to be geared up to deliver what Windows 8 could not do as a client side application for business users: An intelligently designed upgrade for Windows 7 and Windows 8 that focuses on the familiar Windows desktop experience, while adding productivity-boosting improvements. The return of the traditional Start menu is the tip of the iceberg of a cross platform operating system designed not only to bring back consumers with bells and whistles and business’s with improved deployment and security features that will keep IT departments happy.

Microsoft Windows 10
A Consumer and Business Solution

On October 7th 2014, Microsoft released a technical preview of their flagship operating system, Windows 10. It appears to be geared up to deliver what Windows 8 could not do as a both a consumer favorite and client side applications for business users: An intelligently designed upgrade for Windows 7 that focuses on the familiar Windows desktop experience, while adding productivity-boosting improvements.
Business and consumer customers were sluggish when making the transition from Windows XP to Windows Vista or Windows 7. The new security model that was implemented, as well as increased minimum hardware requirements, virtually guaranteed the overall cost of purchasing, installing and upgrading hardware and software would be cost prohibitive on any scale. While consumers grudgingly, commercial users were very slow. Many business’s and institutions waited until Windows XP was predicated until they made the move. With Windows 10, Microsoft maintains the same minimum hardware requirements as Windows 7 required eight years ago, but with greater utilization of resources. This will bridge the cost-effectiveness of upgrading to Windows 10 from a user friendly but hardware hungry Windows 7 and hardware friendly but user rejected Windows 8.
At first glance, the Windows 10 technical preview appears to be a happy merger of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. A Start menu working with a Charms menu immediately changes the perception. You can and unpin your favorite live tiles, websites, and programs with just a few clicks or by simply dragging the corners allowing you to adjust it vertically or horizontally for more space. The Search bar is highly visible and the “All Apps” menu can be expanded to see the list of programs and folders. This works well with both a mouse and touchscreen. With this release Microsoft has merged the integrated touch-based computing of Windows 8 while reintroducing the intuitive desktop interface of Windows 7.
From a business standpoint, the new release has new features that allow for increased overall cost effective solutions for institutional client side upgrades and providing increased client side security. When upgrading from XP, it was necessary to do a clean upgrade of Windows 7, deleting all existing software applications, and then fully re-load all applications, and devices and settings. It was quite labor intensive. While supporting the traditional wipe and install method, Windows 10 is going to offer an in-place upgrade for users of Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1. The upgrade will preserve all apps, data, and device settings from the original work environment, while instantly adding new features.
Before Windows 10, when updates and patches were necessary, the IT department had to maintain a library and catalogue of different update images for each brand or type of computer. Today, tablets and phones are part of the IT environment as well. With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft is making available new runtime configuration tools. This will allow a single image push across the network for all devices. It will also transform a new device from an off-the-shelf state to fully configured business devices without having to fully reimage them. This will be a quicker way to set up multiple machines over the company infrastructure, over a wide range of hardware. While traditional wipe-and-load deployment will be supported, Microsoft has a wide range of new upcoming tools available including the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, System Center Configuration Manager and the newly developed Mobile Device Management (MDM).
Information Protection is a major concern for business. Currently Microsoft client stations employ Bit-Locker Protection. While this is works while the client is in currently inactive, if the device is powered up, such as a lost phone, tablet or laptop, Bit-Locker cannot protect the data. To address this in Windows 10, Microsoft is incorporating existing technologies. Azure Rights Management and Active Directory Rights Management will protect data. Microsoft will be calling this upgrade, Data Loss Prevention (DLP). This feature separates corporate and personal data on the same device, then protects the information by having the files encrypted on their own. DLP will allow corporate data to be protected without any additional work by the client side user without the need to switch modes, log out or change apps. This will dramatically improve the ability of companies to keep track of their data and also prevent a breach. Another key security feature is that Windows 10 will support group policies that enable restrictions on which self-installed client side apps have access to corporate data. Group policies will also be available to control internet and VPN functions, and which apps have access to the system or network via VPN. An app-allow and app-deny lists will work in conjunction with the Windows store. Finally in a nod to the business owner, organizations can create custom stores, which can show company-owned apps as well as policy approved apps from the Windows Store. As a consumer or business operating system, Microsoft has developed a winner with the cross platform Windows 10. The amount of tablet and phone devices that will require client type supervision and admission to the company network has grown exponentially. With Windows 10, Microsoft is going to introduce a product that will that allow this integration at a seamless level. Scheduled to be released next year, expect a media blitz highlighting the new features and technologies. I feel our internal and external IT departments will be very busy.

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