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Middle Age Classifcation Dbq

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Kate Mozzochi
Mrs. Neumann
Honors World History
December 20, 2013
Middle Ages Classification The Middle Ages were a time of massive change for all of Europe. The time period started off with the overthrow of the Roman Empire and creation of feudalism. Although the time period has been called the Dark Ages, faith and advances in arts and construction created positive changes to earn the era the name the Golden Ages. The Middle Ages lasted from AD 500 to 1400 and were a time of hardships, growth, faith, and feudalism. Due to the hardships that led to the name the Dark Ages, positive faith and advances resulted. Although the Middle Ages have been known as various names, the labels the Age of Faith, Age of Feudalism, and the Golden Ages best describe the time period. The Age of Faith can be used as a label for the Middle Ages because during the era, Church had a vast influence over the people of Europe. The Church attempted to create a peaceful environment through enforcing the Truce of God. The Truce of God allowed people to handle and carry weapons but not use them to injure anyone during certain days of the year. The Truce of God called for, "every Sunday, Friday, and Saturday, and on fast days of the four seasons... this decree of peace shall be observed... so that no injury shall be done in any way to any one" (Document 5). The Church had so much influence that it controlled when people fought and banned fighting on weekends, feasts, and fasts. The Church also thought about different scenarios and created rules for them such as if a castle was attacked. The attackers must stop fighting unless the victims fought back and caused them to defend themselves. Also in the Middle Ages Pope Urban II's called for a crusade or holy war. The Pope cried out for help against the Turks and Arabs and offered incentive, "All who die by the way, whether by land or sea, or in...

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